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I own a 2007 Ford Fusion SE 4cyl. I bought it in March of 2007 and was generally please with the product until May of 2009.

At this time I started to experience a problem with the automatic transmission. It felt like I was being hit from behind when the car was shifting into gears and the RPMs were reving high (5000) upon acceleration.

I first brought the car into Villa Ford in Orange, CA in June 2009 and explained I felt there was a problem with the transmission and what I was feeling, at this time my car had 47,000 miles and was covered by the powertrain warranty, and they dismissed what I was saying as "normal" and since there were no DTCs (Diagnostic Codes) there was nothing they could do. Altho, they did find an oil leak, that needed to be repaired and was not covered.

Again in December 2009, the check engine light came on and I explained to them again I felt like it was not driving right. At this time, they determined the thermostat was out, per the codes and dismissed the rough driving.

Frustrated with the way my car was driving, I took the car back to Villa Ford and again stated there was a problem with the transmission and the symptoms I was feeling. At this time I was at 59,900 miles and still under the powertrain warranty. They said they udated my computer codes but they did not find any problems with the car and sent me back on my way.

The car continued to run the same, and frustrated that I had to pay over $100 every time they dismissed my complaint and told me it was normal, I continued driving the car, because it was normal.

8,000 miles later on the first drive the car had been that was not in my everyday drive, I was on my way to meet my family for vacation and the transmission revved all the way to 7000 and I lost all acceleration behind the car in the middle of the freeway. I got the car towed to the nearest Ford dealership and was told that I lost 2nd and 4th gears and that my previous complaint was more than likely the beginnings of the transmission going out and everytime I felt the shift it was probably the transmission slamming into gear.

I was told by the dealership that I needed to contact Ford for assistance and they told me it was up to the dealership. I felt like I was getting the run around from both sides. I was told my claim was denied and to contact Villa Ford the servicing dealership. I wrote them a letter and the response I received was that I needed to contact Ford for assistance, that since they did not receive codes, they were not liable.

I have been told by dealerships to contact Ford and by Ford to contact the dealerships. It has been three weeks since my car broke down and it is still sitting untouched in the dealership it was towed to with no resolution in sight. Ford wants to charge me $4500 to replace the transmission that I complained 3 times about under warranty. This should be fixed with no cost out of my pocket. I feel that I am being wrongfully told that it is my responsibility to pay for the repairs. On top of this i have had a rental two times from the time it was taken in for service I had to pay for and for the time this time that my car has been broken down.

I have been a loyal Ford customer since I was 18 and my family all my life, as I had a Great Uncle that retired from Ford back in Michigan. I have owned a Mustang, an Explorer and a Fusion. Ford has no respect for their customers and do not have any customer loyalty and do not back their products. I will never buy a Ford product again, and if this comes out of my pocket it will not be done by Ford.

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